The Green We Need?

For what has been a dismal week for the market so far, Thursday started a possibly strong end for the week. The past three days the market was very bearish and the opening minutes of trading today was extremely low for most stocks. Although through the course of the day the Dow Jones Index along with many other stocks slowly climbed up the mountain. Tomorrow will tell us if the market is starting an uptrend or if today was just a water break in the middle of a beat down. One stock to look out for is Boeing (BA). The airplane maker received more bad news when Delta announced they would no longer be buying airplanes from Boeing and switching over to another manufacturer called Airbus (EADSY). On a day where the Dow finished above 350 points, the high mover Boeing increased by a little over 1 dollar. Could this be strong resiliency after bad news or a little gear up for a big downward spiral?

-Darnel Shillingford


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