Tesla’s Roadmap 

Recently, Tesla reported its fourth quarter vehicle deliveries for the year of 2021. The company delivered over 300,000 vehicles in Q4 of 2021. This means Tesla delivered about 936,000 vehicles for the year. In the year of 2020 Tesla delivered about 499,000 vehicles. Thus in 2021, Tesla delivered 87% more vehicles compared to just oneContinue reading “Tesla’s Roadmap ”

The United States Could Default For The First Time In History

Recently (9/21/2021), the U.S. House passed a bill that would fund the government while also suspending the debt limit until December of 2022. However, this bill still has to be passed by the U.S. Senate in order to become true legislation. If the Senate does not pass the bill then the U.S. government would shutdownContinue reading “The United States Could Default For The First Time In History”

What the Infrastructure Bill Means For Stocks

Recently, the U.S. senate has passed a $1 trillion bill that will allocate funds towards various infrastructures in America. Structures such as roads, bridges, electrical grid, and internet infrastructure are all in the bill. Although this bill has been approved by the senate, it is now being sent to the House of congress. The HouseContinue reading “What the Infrastructure Bill Means For Stocks”

Why Cardano is Making Waves in The Crypto Space

The fast and volatile market where cryptocurrencies trade is seeing a new player rise to the top. Cardano, or ADA by its ticker, is its own public and decentralized blockchain. Over the past year Cardano has seen a price rise from $0.12 to $2.89 as of August 29th, 2021. This is a nearly 2400% gain!Continue reading “Why Cardano is Making Waves in The Crypto Space”

How The Fed Influences the Markets

The Federal Reserve System, known as The Fed, is the U.S’s central banking system. At the root of all monetary transactions, The Fed makes sure it all goes smoothly. The main goals of The Fed are to manage the money supply and maintain stability of the financial system. Most of the time, The Fed doesContinue reading “How The Fed Influences the Markets”

The Security That Isn’t Taxed

When it comes to finance, stocks are always at the center of everyone’s attention. Lately, cryptocurrency has entered the limelight as well. Both of these securities have strong connotations around them. Stocks and cryptocurrency are famous for their ability to build your wealth and infamously known for making some rich overnight! However, what is notContinue reading “The Security That Isn’t Taxed”

How to Maximize Your Stock Gains

In investing, everyone’s heard of a story where someone begins to invest and suddenly becomes a millionaire overnight! The story you don’t hear is the taxes they will pay if they sell their stocks… To be fair, no one likes a story about taxes. Fortunately, there is a way to maximize your gains and minimizeContinue reading “How to Maximize Your Stock Gains”

How Much Do You Need to Retire?

Planning for the future is difficult, especially when it comes to your retirement finances. What will things cost in the future? How much can I spend? Will my funds last? All of these questions are make planning for retirement seem daunting. However, these questions actually help a lot in preparing yourself for retirement! The answersContinue reading “How Much Do You Need to Retire?”

How I’d Invest $10,000 Today

Investing is a great tool at your disposal to start building your wealth. No matter how large or small the amount, the earlier you start investing the better! Given the world has changed a lot over the last year, it seems like a good time to recap on some investing avenues. I’ll go through lessContinue reading “How I’d Invest $10,000 Today”

The Best Resources For Financial Information

Information helps you make decisions everyday. Which road will get you home the fastest? What store offers the best price for the product you’re looking for? Countless other decisions happen all the time. Investing involves many decisions as well. Since investing revolves around your money, it’s important to have the best information so you canContinue reading “The Best Resources For Financial Information”