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Darnel Shillingford – 20 years old

I became fascinated with the market and followed it for 2 years before I ever decided to put any money in, until I finally did on October 10, 2019.  I have traded stocks every day since then, utilizing low capital options in order to create huge short-term gains for myself, while also focusing on sustainable long term growth through both stocks and cryptocurrencies. My trial and error method has allowed me to understand that every day is not perfect, but with proper dedication success can be achieved. As of March 2021, I have seen incredible success from utilizing short term gains to fuel long term strategies, and repeating the process. Currently I attend Bryant University in Rhode Island and I major in Finance while being a member of the football team. Finding new avenues to achieve wealth makes me excited to meet with other people driven like myself, and to inspire others to believe that they too can do what I have done and then some.

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TJ Brescia – 20 years old

My investing journey started in February 2020. However, I was following the market for months before this, always looking at charts, trends, and watching Youtube videos. I put $500 into an account and immediately started trading low premium options. At first I didn’t see much success but after a very successful put option on Royal Caribbean I was on my way. Right now I am a student at Manhattanville College majoring in finance. I am also on the baseball team here. One day I hope I can have a career involved with helping young people pick and grow their assets. My whole life I wanted more material things and new experiences. But my family and I never had enough money to do so. I wish to turn a past struggle of mine into a career path for myself. I know this site will allow me to do just that. We have great ideas here that Darnel and I use ourselves. We hope you can take our ideas to grow yourself financially!

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