2 Great Reasons for an Investing Thesis

Having an investing thesis before buying (or selling) a stock is critical to making a sound decision. Simply buying a stock because it, “is bound to go up” may work a couple times, but isn’t something to rely on for a portfolio. Developing a solid thesis will fare you much better in picking better stocks,Continue reading “2 Great Reasons for an Investing Thesis”

What Do The Super Bowl and Stock Market Have in Common?

The Super Bowl is always an incredible culmination to the most watched sport in America every year. For a lot of people this is the first and last football game they will watch for the year. According to AS.com, an estimated 117 million people watched the Rams topple the Bengals. How many of these peopleContinue reading “What Do The Super Bowl and Stock Market Have in Common?”

Rising Interest Rates Will Shake Up the Market

The inevitable rise of interest rates in 2022 has generated a very skeptical outlook on the market in the coming months. Rising interest rates tend to result in stocks losing value, yet a stronger overall economy. This occurs because the percentage return on risk-free money is rising, so people rather make money with no riskContinue reading “Rising Interest Rates Will Shake Up the Market”

A Semester Long Deep Dive: Northrop Grumman

During this fall semester of my junior year at Bryant University, I had the opportunity to take Financial Statement Analysis. In this class I learned how to analyze companies given their income statements and formulate opinions based on the discovered metrics. My company was Northrop Grumman, a member of the Aerospace Manufacturing industry. The analysisContinue reading “A Semester Long Deep Dive: Northrop Grumman”

A Disciplined Trading Strategy to Change Your Gains

The life of a trader has been glorified with social media such as TikTok, but with a proper strategy, the life you see on the internet is possible. In the past we have discussed a trading strategy that involved profiting from low capital options that didn’t need a big move between strike prices. That articleContinue reading “A Disciplined Trading Strategy to Change Your Gains”

Netflix Stock: Is It A Buy?

We all know Netflix, one of the most revolutionary inventions of the 21st century thus far. Netflix completely changed the movie industry, and wiped the movie rental business clean. As of July 20th, the company harnesses 209 million subscribers worldwide, an incredible number. Few things in this life are true household names, yet Netflix isContinue reading “Netflix Stock: Is It A Buy?”

2 Stocks Gaining Value, and Not Stopping Anytime Soon

In the choppiness of the past month in the market, two stocks have had record months. While the market has been trending upwards as it closes out the summer, everyday hasn’t been pretty. We remember a few Mondays ago when the Dow lost 725 points. Only to manage to end the week higher. Throughout allContinue reading “2 Stocks Gaining Value, and Not Stopping Anytime Soon”

Robinhood is Going Public, What Does That Mean?

Commonly known as an IPO, an Initial Public Offering is when a company decides it is time to go public. When a company becomes “public” they are listing themselves on one of the exchanges in the stock market. This could be the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), or the Nasdaq, like Robinhood. Going public allowsContinue reading “Robinhood is Going Public, What Does That Mean?”

All-Time Highs are Here, How Long Can They Last?

After a sharp drop on Monday, the market found a way to finish the week at ALL-TIME HIGHS. Each of the three major indexes experienced their highest closes ever. Obviously if the market closes Monday in the green, this will be another set of highs, but how long can the upward drive last? Fresh highsContinue reading “All-Time Highs are Here, How Long Can They Last?”