How To Start Investing

I was talking to a close friend of mine a few days ago and he told me this. “I want to start investing but I just don’t know where to start.” This is when I finally realized, we have been talking so much about strategies, news, and answering why you should invest. But, we haveContinue reading “How To Start Investing”

A Dark Close Opens One Door of Light

What started off as a mild trading day took a huge downturn in the final hour of trading. Stocks started to drop fast possibly because of fears the country is being opened up too soon. Not many stocks were able to avoid this slide as even Microsoft, Tesla, and Apple took a turn in theContinue reading “A Dark Close Opens One Door of Light”

Warren Buffet Sends the Airline Industry into a Tailspin!

Everyone knows the man, Warren Buffet, as one of arguably the greatest investors of all time. Over this past weekend he announced that he pulled all his money out of any stocks that had something to do with the airline industry such as Boeing (BA), United Airlines (UAL), Delta Airlines (DAL), among others. Upon theContinue reading “Warren Buffet Sends the Airline Industry into a Tailspin!”