Maximize Your Small, Long-Term Account

I highly recommend using this for your long-term account, or whatever account you have with positions you plan to hold for 5+ years. If you don’t have a long-term account… GET ONE NOW. If you are on this page it is likely you have give or take around $5,000 in your long-term account. With thisContinue reading “Maximize Your Small, Long-Term Account”

How To Hedge – Taking Your Investing To The Next Level

Hedging A hedge is a position to reduce downside potential or loss. The best investers will always hedge their long-term positions when the market shows signs of uncertainty. Mark Cuban did this during the crash at the start of the pandemic in March 2020. In stocks hedging is mainly done 2 ways… 1. Buying MarketContinue reading “How To Hedge – Taking Your Investing To The Next Level”

My Biggest Mistake With The Stock Market

Over the last 8-12 months the stock market has become a more well-known understanding to many young adults. Every social media platform, especially Tik-Tok has been promoting the wrong agenda about the market. Many people are portraying the stock market as a “get rich quick phenomenon.” Or you are guaranteed to make insane returns ifContinue reading “My Biggest Mistake With The Stock Market”