2 Great Reasons for an Investing Thesis

Having an investing thesis before buying (or selling) a stock is critical to making a sound decision. Simply buying a stock because it, “is bound to go up” may work a couple times, but isn’t something to rely on for a portfolio. Developing a solid thesis will fare you much better in picking better stocks,Continue reading “2 Great Reasons for an Investing Thesis”

Understanding the Time Value of Money

Everyone is very knowledgeable on the value of money such as what they deem as a lot of money. However, most are not aware of how time can affect the value of money. I am going to ask three questions, and after you develop an answer for each we will discuss them. Would you ratherContinue reading “Understanding the Time Value of Money”

#1 Most Overlooked Stock Tip

Market Cap vs. Price Per Share The price per share of stock or price per coin in crypto is not what should attract or distract you from that investment. Let me explain… Market Cap = Total number of shares for an asset multiplied by the price per share. Take Cocoa-Cola for example ($KO). They haveContinue reading “#1 Most Overlooked Stock Tip”