Higher Prices Are Here To Stay

Prices have increased everywhere. The most prevalent being gas, lumber, retail pricing, automobiles, real estate, and service costs. What intrigues me most is the rate at which stock market pricing is increasing. Take a look at the 5 year chart on the S&P 500. Look at the rate of increase since the March 2020 drop.Continue reading “Higher Prices Are Here To Stay”

A Plan To Fight Inflation Is Finally Here!!

The most pressed economic issue over the last 2-3 months has not only been inflation fears, but in fact, inflation effects. Prices have surged, supply chains have been bottlenecked, and unemployment is still higher than it should be. Recent CPI reports have shown clear data that inflation is in fact here. Both April and MarchContinue reading “A Plan To Fight Inflation Is Finally Here!!”

Summer Could Heat Up the Economy

I hope we all had a great memorial day weekend! Hamburgers, hotdogs, sodas, and sun… It was a great time for Americans across the country. This time one year ago, most of the country was in lockdown and everyone was at home. Today, we are together having fun indoors and outdoors. Although no one hasContinue reading “Summer Could Heat Up the Economy”

Inflation – Is It Controlling The Market?

If you follow the markets and the general economy daily. You have defiently been hearing a lot about inflation. Specifically things like… “Prices are so much higher than they were!” “The government can’t be printing so much money for free!” I dont claim to be a macroeconomist, or the only person you should base yourContinue reading “Inflation – Is It Controlling The Market?”