What Is The Blockchain? The Intro You Need

The blockchain is something that can change the financial and legal systems of the world as we know it. More and more entities around the globe are adapting to this system and buying into it. The best part is, you and I are easily able to profit off of this. But first, you need toContinue reading “What Is The Blockchain? The Intro You Need”

Understanding the Time Value of Money

Everyone is very knowledgeable on the value of money such as what they deem as a lot of money. However, most are not aware of how time can affect the value of money. I am going to ask three questions, and after you develop an answer for each we will discuss them. Would you ratherContinue reading “Understanding the Time Value of Money”

College Students, Stop Storing Cash In Your Checking Account

Before reading what I have to say about storing cash. I want you to first, look at the chart above and try to answer these two questions. 1. What am I looking at?2. What does this mean? Now that you have your answers, integrate them with what I am about to share with you. TheContinue reading “College Students, Stop Storing Cash In Your Checking Account”

The Stock Market Is Not A Bracket

March Madness got rocking today and is off to a splash early. One of the most exciting sporting events of the year didn’t go on last year due to the early stages of the pandemic, and is still not going on normally a year later with both the Men’s and Women’s tournaments in a bubble.Continue reading “The Stock Market Is Not A Bracket”

#1 Most Overlooked Stock Tip

Market Cap vs. Price Per Share The price per share of stock or price per coin in crypto is not what should attract or distract you from that investment. Let me explain… Market Cap = Total number of shares for an asset multiplied by the price per share. Take Cocoa-Cola for example ($KO). They haveContinue reading “#1 Most Overlooked Stock Tip”

6.2% Labor Market

Utilizing the labor market can help develop entry points for long term investing, as specific points in the labor market can signal current market sentiment from investors. The optimal percentage of unemployment for America is usually between 2 and 4%, so this figure is high however it is misleading. Most people believe that high unemploymentContinue reading “6.2% Labor Market”

Phala Network Up 30%

If you remember about 10 days ago we notified about our new crypto pick, Phala Network ($PHA). Phala is a privacy coin that aims to make smart contracts confidential on the Polkadot blockchain. Reference my post on March 3rd at the bottom of this post for more details on the coin, smart contracts, and theContinue reading “Phala Network Up 30%”

50 Million Dollars or 50 years?

On the surface, I am sure most people will answer this question with the choice of 50 million dollars, when asked along with it, “What is more valuable?” However, if you asked Warren Buffet this question, I can guarantee you he will pick 50 years every single time. When people hear assets they think ofContinue reading “50 Million Dollars or 50 years?”

Making Volatility Your Friend

When trading options, volatility either really helps you, or really hurts you. One way to take out the major uncertainty volatility brings, is to trade the volatility itself. $VIX is an index of volatility of the market and generally sits between $21-27. If the market is not very volatile it sits at or slightly belowContinue reading “Making Volatility Your Friend”