How I’d Invest $10,000 Today

Investing is a great tool at your disposal to start building your wealth. No matter how large or small the amount, the earlier you start investing the better! Given the world has changed a lot over the last year, it seems like a good time to recap on some investing avenues. I’ll go through lessContinue reading “How I’d Invest $10,000 Today”

What Is Going On With Crypto & Bitcoin?!?!

Crypto has taken a giant hit since late April. Bitcoin has been spending significant time down as much as 40%-50% from its Februrary highs of $65,000. Other coins like Chainlink and Ethereum have been down over 50%!! So whats going on? There is no clear answer as to why crypto has been down so much.Continue reading “What Is Going On With Crypto & Bitcoin?!?!”

Cruise Line Stocks Are One of the Last to Recover

When the March 2020 crash happened, many investors preached about a “V-Shaped Recovery”. When we were at the bottom, I thought they were just trying to sell the public a pipe dream. For how ugly the market had looked for about two weeks, I was sold there would be another leg down, especially with noContinue reading “Cruise Line Stocks Are One of the Last to Recover”

We Want to Hear From You!

Your feedback helps us elevate the blog to better cater our readers! Please enter your answers below and feel free to provide any feedback you might have! Just enter your email below and verify it in the confirmation email for a free subscription! All posts will be sent to you directly so you never missContinue reading “We Want to Hear From You!”

Cents are the Difference, But the Difference Adds Up

Here we are with dividends again, but this time will focus on quarterly paying stocks and their annual dividend and P/E ratio. A P/E ratio of a company is derived from dividing its share price by its earnings per share. Using this ratio, you will see how a company trades compared to their earnings, andContinue reading “Cents are the Difference, But the Difference Adds Up”

Best Dividend Stocks That Have Been Growing Right Before Your Eyes!

If you read the last post about dividend investing, you are fully aware why you need to see our analysis on the best dividend stocks right now, specifically those growing consistently and paying a quarterly dividend. The figures related to these companies’ growths are based off their growth over the past 5 years. Could theirContinue reading “Best Dividend Stocks That Have Been Growing Right Before Your Eyes!”

Dividend Investing: The Forgotten Art of Powerful Investing

One of the more famous ways to build wealth is through dividend investing. Someone who participates in dividend investing picks certain stocks because of the dividend they give. A dividend is when a company provides shareholders with a small amount of cash per share periodically as a reward for just owning the shares. Companies willContinue reading “Dividend Investing: The Forgotten Art of Powerful Investing”

Get a Credit Card… Now

Intro Signing up for a credit card at 19 years old is by far one of the best decisions I have made. It’s taught me financial responsibility, the importance of building up my credit score (more on what that is as you read). As well as, earning myself some extra spending money. Yes, you heardContinue reading “Get a Credit Card… Now”