What Affects Your Credit Score?

One of the many taboo topics to talk about in personal finance is the dreaded credit score. Though credit isn’t often talked about, it is an important part in everyone’s finances. Credit helps you take out loans on nearly everything! Cars, homes, business loans, or even groceries by using a credit card. Credit extends yourContinue reading “What Affects Your Credit Score?”

How To Take Advantage of Market Dips & Market Update

BUY BUY BUY!! That is what I will be doing over the coming weeks during these market dips. The stock market has obviuosly gone a new path, not only on inflation fear. But clear inflation data. “The Consumer Price Index, which measures a basket of goods as well as energy and housing costs, rose 4.2%Continue reading “How To Take Advantage of Market Dips & Market Update”

Saving Your Money the Right Way Can Go a Long Way

Saving your money the right way is something most people know they should do, but probably don’t. Some people have a system for how they save their money, and some people try to cut out spending in certain areas. Yes its great to save, but if you are not doing it right, you could beContinue reading “Saving Your Money the Right Way Can Go a Long Way”

My Biggest Mistake With The Stock Market

Over the last 8-12 months the stock market has become a more well-known understanding to many young adults. Every social media platform, especially Tik-Tok has been promoting the wrong agenda about the market. Many people are portraying the stock market as a “get rich quick phenomenon.” Or you are guaranteed to make insane returns ifContinue reading “My Biggest Mistake With The Stock Market”

How to Diversify Your Portfolio: Minimizing Market Risk Reaction

Diversification is a common mention when talking about investing. Holding just one stock, no matter how good the company is, is risky in case something really bad happens with the company. However, there is a lot more to diversification than just picking a bunch of different stocks. Having the right amount of stocks is alsoContinue reading “How to Diversify Your Portfolio: Minimizing Market Risk Reaction”

1 Way To Become A Millionaire

It’s called a Roth IRA. A different kind of investment vehicle you need to know about. You can open one on almost all brookerage platforms. One of the very few things I enjoyed learning about in high school was my economics teacher teaching me about one way he has become a millionaire. Through his RothContinue reading “1 Way To Become A Millionaire”

Stock Market Risk is Avoidable, If You Know the Game

The number one reason why people don’t invest in the stock market is because they claim to not know enough about it. If you are reading this post and are subscribed to the blog, that excuse is out the window. The next reason why people sit on the sidelines is because they claim the marketContinue reading “Stock Market Risk is Avoidable, If You Know the Game”

Compound Interest, The 8th Wonder of The World

I get it, you probably don’t have a ton of money to invest with right now. Chances are you don’t have a full time job, probably just a summer job. Interestingly enough, I’m in the same circumstance as you. But what I do have that you don’t, is the understanding of compound interest in theContinue reading “Compound Interest, The 8th Wonder of The World”

How To Start Investing

I was talking to a close friend of mine a few days ago and he told me this. “I want to start investing but I just don’t know where to start.” This is when I finally realized, we have been talking so much about strategies, news, and answering why you should invest. But, we haveContinue reading “How To Start Investing”