The Security That Isn’t Taxed

When it comes to finance, stocks are always at the center of everyone’s attention. Lately, cryptocurrency has entered the limelight as well. Both of these securities have strong connotations around them. Stocks and cryptocurrency are famous for their ability to build your wealth and infamously known for making some rich overnight! However, what is notContinue reading “The Security That Isn’t Taxed”

How to Maximize Your Stock Gains

In investing, everyone’s heard of a story where someone begins to invest and suddenly becomes a millionaire overnight! The story you don’t hear is the taxes they will pay if they sell their stocks… To be fair, no one likes a story about taxes. Fortunately, there is a way to maximize your gains and minimizeContinue reading “How to Maximize Your Stock Gains”

How Much Do You Need to Retire?

Planning for the future is difficult, especially when it comes to your retirement finances. What will things cost in the future? How much can I spend? Will my funds last? All of these questions are make planning for retirement seem daunting. However, these questions actually help a lot in preparing yourself for retirement! The answersContinue reading “How Much Do You Need to Retire?”

How Many Stocks Should You Hold In Your Portfolio?

A common question once you start buying into stocks is, “How many stocks should I buy in my portfolio?” A lot goes into this answer… “The more stocks you hold, the more your portfolio tracks the entire market. With a small account the goal should be to outperform the entire market.” – The Common TraderContinue reading “How Many Stocks Should You Hold In Your Portfolio?”

1 Method to Outpace the Market: The Barbell Approach

Investing in the market over a long period of time has proven to do well. However, if you can beat the market for a long period of time the returns can be incredible. Beating the market doesn’t always mean being in the green. Sometimes you might be in the red, but if you are lessContinue reading “1 Method to Outpace the Market: The Barbell Approach”

The Best Resources For Financial Information

Information helps you make decisions everyday. Which road will get you home the fastest? What store offers the best price for the product you’re looking for? Countless other decisions happen all the time. Investing involves many decisions as well. Since investing revolves around your money, it’s important to have the best information so you canContinue reading “The Best Resources For Financial Information”

Ways to Make Passive Income

Passive income is the reason why many of us invest in the first place. To earn without working! Any income you earn that you did not directly work for is considered passive. This includes most investments in stocks or bonds but also includes a wide array of other investments. I’ll be going through some typesContinue reading “Ways to Make Passive Income”

Best Numbers To Look At For Stock Valuation

Ask yourself this, “What do I look at before I buy a stock?” Chances are you don’t look at what you should be loking at. Just looking at a stocks chart, revenue, profits, and what tik tok says is not a good valuation. Once you start investing with bigger sums of money, you can’t affordContinue reading “Best Numbers To Look At For Stock Valuation”

Is Paper Trading Beneficial Before Actual Trading?

Paper trading is a popular tactic among people looking to start trading. The term paper trading is used to describe trading fake money, often from demo accounts. These accounts allow people to perform all types of trades or buying and selling just like in real accounts. In this article I will discuss pros and consContinue reading “Is Paper Trading Beneficial Before Actual Trading?”

How to Budget Your Money

In today’s day and age there are so many things to do, places to be, and most importantly stuff to buy. It’s really easy to spend your money mindlessly on items you like. However, this kind of spending habit could lead to serious financial troubles in the future. So, it’s important to keep track ofContinue reading “How to Budget Your Money”