The Security That Isn’t Taxed

When it comes to finance, stocks are always at the center of everyone’s attention. Lately, cryptocurrency has entered the limelight as well. Both of these securities have strong connotations around them. Stocks and cryptocurrency are famous for their ability to build your wealth and infamously known for making some rich overnight! However, what is notContinue reading “The Security That Isn’t Taxed”

3 Growing Industries and ETFs to Match

Buying ETFs (exchange traded fund) as opposed to regular stocks can help investors manage risk. An ETF tracks an index, sector, commodity, or another form of asset and can be bought and sold on any traditional platform. Buying an ETF for an industry rater than one stock in the industry is much safer. If thatContinue reading “3 Growing Industries and ETFs to Match”

Cruise Line Stocks Are One of the Last to Recover

When the March 2020 crash happened, many investors preached about a “V-Shaped Recovery”. When we were at the bottom, I thought they were just trying to sell the public a pipe dream. For how ugly the market had looked for about two weeks, I was sold there would be another leg down, especially with noContinue reading “Cruise Line Stocks Are One of the Last to Recover”

Is Ford The New Tesla?

Ford ($F) has been making a name for themselves over the last 12 months. This is a shock for me and many other investors because the automanufacturer has performed terribly since since 2014. Their stock price has been on a steady decline from $18 in mid 2014 all the way to a March 2020 lowContinue reading “Is Ford The New Tesla?”

This Stock Is Poised for Gains

As investers we need ways to profit off of any opportunity that we see. Usually, people profit from real estate by buying and selling homes. But there are ways to do it in the stock market. What if we look at real estate related stocks, materials needed to build homes like lumber, roofing, paint, etc.Continue reading “This Stock Is Poised for Gains”

Buying Nvidia Stock is Worth The Price Tag

Nvidia ($NVDA) is a well known chip maker, serving customers such as Apple, Google, and Amazon. Since its founding in 1993, Nvidia has grown to an industry leader in computer graphics and improved their GPU architecture. They originally created chips for gaming and computer graphics purposes, but have since expanded to data center and automotiveContinue reading “Buying Nvidia Stock is Worth The Price Tag”

I’m Buying This Stock!!

You have definetly heard of this one before, perhaps even bought their products. The Company is Lululemon ($LULU). A household name over the last few years, no questions asked. Lululemon also called Lulu, is mainly an athletic/gym clothing line, with other stylesand products included. Their main objective is to sell the highest quality materials &Continue reading “I’m Buying This Stock!!”