Summer Could Heat Up the Economy

I hope we all had a great memorial day weekend! Hamburgers, hotdogs, sodas, and sun… It was a great time for Americans across the country. This time one year ago, most of the country was in lockdown and everyone was at home. Today, we are together having fun indoors and outdoors. Although no one hasContinue reading “Summer Could Heat Up the Economy”

Is Ford The New Tesla?

Ford ($F) has been making a name for themselves over the last 12 months. This is a shock for me and many other investors because the automanufacturer has performed terribly since since 2014. Their stock price has been on a steady decline from $18 in mid 2014 all the way to a March 2020 lowContinue reading “Is Ford The New Tesla?”

Amazon Buying MGM Holdings: What Does This Mean for Streaming?

Amazon ($AMZN) has never been shy to expansion, and they are poised to expand again. The company that started simply as an online bookseller is on the brink of world domination. This is an exaggeration, but sometimes it feels like it is not. Amazon buying MGM Holdings is an example of when it doesn’t feelContinue reading “Amazon Buying MGM Holdings: What Does This Mean for Streaming?”

The Everything Bubble

2020 was a crazy year for financial markets with lots of volatility and unexpected events left and right. In 2021, the crazy train is still chugging along. Since the bottom of the market dip in 2020 the overall market has surpassed its former highs. Using SPY (S&P 500 index) as a guideline for the overallContinue reading “The Everything Bubble”

Crypto Crash

Recently, Bitcoin has fallen from nearly $60,000 per coin to a low of $33,000 per coin in just a day. Nearly a 50% drop in price in one day is similar to a flash crash. This drop isn’t limited to just Bitcoin, a majority of other crypto coins have seen similar drops in price. IfContinue reading “Crypto Crash”

How To Take Advantage of Market Dips & Market Update

BUY BUY BUY!! That is what I will be doing over the coming weeks during these market dips. The stock market has obviuosly gone a new path, not only on inflation fear. But clear inflation data. “The Consumer Price Index, which measures a basket of goods as well as energy and housing costs, rose 4.2%Continue reading “How To Take Advantage of Market Dips & Market Update”

Inflation – Is It Controlling The Market?

If you follow the markets and the general economy daily. You have defiently been hearing a lot about inflation. Specifically things like… “Prices are so much higher than they were!” “The government can’t be printing so much money for free!” I dont claim to be a macroeconomist, or the only person you should base yourContinue reading “Inflation – Is It Controlling The Market?”

What is the Chip Shortage?

Cars, phones, and anything that uses processing power needs a computer chip. Before the pandemic, chip usage and supply was in balance and thus running smoothly. However, little did we know that the supply chain of semiconductor chips was so fragile. When the pandemic hit the world, it disrupted the careful balance of the computerContinue reading “What is the Chip Shortage?”

Wall Street Is Wrong! – Earnings Reports

The last 2 weeks major companies have reported their quarterly earnings reports. These include Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla, Google, Qualcomm, Visa, and so many more. For those who dont know, every quarter a company must report their income, balance sheet, growth, etc. Top Wall Street analysts will set expectation numbers that these comapanies shouldContinue reading “Wall Street Is Wrong! – Earnings Reports”

Housing Bubble 2021?

Recently, housing prices have increased quite significantly. In a good real-estate market, a 3%-5% return per year on your property is considered good. As of March 2021 the median sale price of a house in the U.S. increased by 17.2% from last year! With the advent of the worldwide pandemic, many industries have been dramaticallyContinue reading “Housing Bubble 2021?”