Tesla’s Roadmap 

Recently, Tesla reported its fourth quarter vehicle deliveries for the year of 2021. The company delivered over 300,000 vehicles in Q4 of 2021. This means Tesla delivered about 936,000 vehicles for the year. In the year of 2020 Tesla delivered about 499,000 vehicles. Thus in 2021, Tesla delivered 87% more vehicles compared to just oneContinue reading “Tesla’s Roadmap ”

The United States Could Default For The First Time In History

Recently (9/21/2021), the U.S. House passed a bill that would fund the government while also suspending the debt limit until December of 2022. However, this bill still has to be passed by the U.S. Senate in order to become true legislation. If the Senate does not pass the bill then the U.S. government would shutdownContinue reading “The United States Could Default For The First Time In History”

2 Stocks Gaining Value, and Not Stopping Anytime Soon

In the choppiness of the past month in the market, two stocks have had record months. While the market has been trending upwards as it closes out the summer, everyday hasn’t been pretty. We remember a few Mondays ago when the Dow lost 725 points. Only to manage to end the week higher. Throughout allContinue reading “2 Stocks Gaining Value, and Not Stopping Anytime Soon”

Robinhood is Going Public, What Does That Mean?

Commonly known as an IPO, an Initial Public Offering is when a company decides it is time to go public. When a company becomes “public” they are listing themselves on one of the exchanges in the stock market. This could be the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), or the Nasdaq, like Robinhood. Going public allowsContinue reading “Robinhood is Going Public, What Does That Mean?”

All-Time Highs are Here, How Long Can They Last?

After a sharp drop on Monday, the market found a way to finish the week at ALL-TIME HIGHS. Each of the three major indexes experienced their highest closes ever. Obviously if the market closes Monday in the green, this will be another set of highs, but how long can the upward drive last? Fresh highsContinue reading “All-Time Highs are Here, How Long Can They Last?”

Earnings Season Is Here!- What To Look Out For In The Coming Weeks.

Earnings season in my opinion are the most fun and interesting times for investors like you and I. Giving us fresh news that spice things up from the previous boring weeks. Not to mention the higher volatility that comes with earnings which could give some juiced up gains… Over the next 4 weeks major companiesContinue reading “Earnings Season Is Here!- What To Look Out For In The Coming Weeks.”

The Labor Market is in a Wreck; Who is to Blame?

Despite a large reopening after the pandemic scares, the labor market has lagged heavily. If you’ve been going to stores and restaurants, you have seen a lot of help wanted signs. This seems like an easy problem to fix —- raise wages. On the surface, this is the answer, but when you dig deep, itsContinue reading “The Labor Market is in a Wreck; Who is to Blame?”

Higher Prices Are Here To Stay

Prices have increased everywhere. The most prevalent being gas, lumber, retail pricing, automobiles, real estate, and service costs. What intrigues me most is the rate at which stock market pricing is increasing. Take a look at the 5 year chart on the S&P 500. Look at the rate of increase since the March 2020 drop.Continue reading “Higher Prices Are Here To Stay”

A Plan To Fight Inflation Is Finally Here!!

The most pressed economic issue over the last 2-3 months has not only been inflation fears, but in fact, inflation effects. Prices have surged, supply chains have been bottlenecked, and unemployment is still higher than it should be. Recent CPI reports have shown clear data that inflation is in fact here. Both April and MarchContinue reading “A Plan To Fight Inflation Is Finally Here!!”

Biden Is Going Shopping On America – His $6 Trillion Play

The Biden Administration just came out with next years budget (2022) last Friday, May 28th. It’s a massive $6 Trillion dollar funding plan targeting certain sectors!! This plan could give some insight on what stocks & sectors are ramping up during Bidens tenure. The budget includes funding to the following areas… Health Clean Energy DefenseContinue reading “Biden Is Going Shopping On America – His $6 Trillion Play”