Why Cardano is Making Waves in The Crypto Space

The fast and volatile market where cryptocurrencies trade is seeing a new player rise to the top. Cardano, or ADA by its ticker, is its own public and decentralized blockchain. Over the past year Cardano has seen a price rise from $0.12 to $2.89 as of August 29th, 2021. This is a nearly 2400% gain!Continue reading “Why Cardano is Making Waves in The Crypto Space”

Chainlink is a Crypto at a BIG Discount

The crypto market has been somewhat stagnant since the crash in May. Since this crash, Bitcoin ($BTC) is still down 16%, but it has recently gotten over $40,000. Check out TJ’s latest post where he takes a deep dive into the whole crypto market. For a better understanding of Chainlink, watch the quick, 3 minuteContinue reading “Chainlink is a Crypto at a BIG Discount”

What Is Going On With Crypto & Bitcoin?!?!

Crypto has taken a giant hit since late April. Bitcoin has been spending significant time down as much as 40%-50% from its Februrary highs of $65,000. Other coins like Chainlink and Ethereum have been down over 50%!! So whats going on? There is no clear answer as to why crypto has been down so much.Continue reading “What Is Going On With Crypto & Bitcoin?!?!”

Best Cryptocurrencies Under $5: Where Should You Buy Next?

The crypto market just took a BIG dive. If you are in it for the long haul, I hope you did not even think of selling. If you are REALLY in it for the long haul, I hope you took this opportunity to buy more. Crypto will always have big swings, it is important toContinue reading “Best Cryptocurrencies Under $5: Where Should You Buy Next?”

Crypto Crash

Recently, Bitcoin has fallen from nearly $60,000 per coin to a low of $33,000 per coin in just a day. Nearly a 50% drop in price in one day is similar to a flash crash. This drop isn’t limited to just Bitcoin, a majority of other crypto coins have seen similar drops in price. IfContinue reading “Crypto Crash”

A Week of Red For A Summer Of Green; Get Ready For a Crypto Boom

The stock market wasn’t the only market seeing flashes of big red drops. The crypto market took big percentage dips 3 different times this week. The market had looked very strong going into the week, mostly due to Ethereum ($ETH) absolutely crushing its All-Time High (ATH). Ethereum reached a new high of $4,384 on MayContinue reading “A Week of Red For A Summer Of Green; Get Ready For a Crypto Boom”

Dogecoin to $1

Since the start of 2021 Dogecoin has been making a name for itself. The cryptocurrency that started as a meme is now becoming a dominant player in the crypto markets. With a current market capitalization of nearly $84 billion, Dogecoin is now the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. As of May 5th 2021, DogeContinue reading “Dogecoin to $1”

Crypto Exchanges: What to Know and Who to Trust

Investing in cryptocurrencies has really picked up from everyday people, but it is still a relatively new concept for the majority of people. Picking one of the right crypto exchanges the first time can really help you in the long run. Ultimately, it depends on the capital you plan on using and the type ofContinue reading “Crypto Exchanges: What to Know and Who to Trust”

The Real World Adoption of Bitcoin?

No, you did not miss out on Bitcoin. Even despite costing $55,000, Bitcoin is on the rise. Many people reference the spike back in 2017, and say Bitcoin is destined to drop heavy from its previous high, noting the yearly charts both look very similar. However, I believe there is one major difference between BitcoinContinue reading “The Real World Adoption of Bitcoin?”

What Is The Blockchain? The Intro You Need

The blockchain is something that can change the financial and legal systems of the world as we know it. More and more entities around the globe are adapting to this system and buying into it. The best part is, you and I are easily able to profit off of this. But first, you need toContinue reading “What Is The Blockchain? The Intro You Need”