The House Always Has The Edge, Lets Be The House.

If you trade options frequently you will tend to find that they are very high in risk. But I’m telling you the risk can be lowered, while also not taking a big hit to profit potential. Buying traditional calls and puts is arguably the riskiest way to capitalize in the markets. In fact, almost 70%Continue reading “The House Always Has The Edge, Lets Be The House.”

The News Is Not Always Your Friend..

To start the week news arose that Microsoft would not be the company buying TikTok. Rather Oracle would be the new hero. Darnel made a post about this yesterday. A logical action to carry out after hearing this would be to short Microsoft right? We all thought so too, but today Microsoft had other plans.Continue reading “The News Is Not Always Your Friend..”

Keep This In Mind!!

The market is going up, and this time it accurately reflects numbers. Unemployment numbers went down by 13% last week! 13 may not seem like a big number, but remember that’s millions of people. But as we approach Q2 earnings season keep this in mind. Q2 is the only quarter where companies have financial numbersContinue reading “Keep This In Mind!!”