How To Hedge – Taking Your Investing To The Next Level

Hedging A hedge is a position to reduce downside potential or loss. The best investers will always hedge their long-term positions when the market shows signs of uncertainty. Mark Cuban did this during the crash at the start of the pandemic in March 2020. In stocks hedging is mainly done 2 ways… 1. Buying MarketContinue reading “How To Hedge – Taking Your Investing To The Next Level”

How To Take Advantage of Market Dips & Market Update

BUY BUY BUY!! That is what I will be doing over the coming weeks during these market dips. The stock market has obviuosly gone a new path, not only on inflation fear. But clear inflation data. “The Consumer Price Index, which measures a basket of goods as well as energy and housing costs, rose 4.2%Continue reading “How To Take Advantage of Market Dips & Market Update”

My Biggest Mistake With The Stock Market

Over the last 8-12 months the stock market has become a more well-known understanding to many young adults. Every social media platform, especially Tik-Tok has been promoting the wrong agenda about the market. Many people are portraying the stock market as a “get rich quick phenomenon.” Or you are guaranteed to make insane returns ifContinue reading “My Biggest Mistake With The Stock Market”

Inflation – Is It Controlling The Market?

If you follow the markets and the general economy daily. You have defiently been hearing a lot about inflation. Specifically things like… “Prices are so much higher than they were!” “The government can’t be printing so much money for free!” I dont claim to be a macroeconomist, or the only person you should base yourContinue reading “Inflation – Is It Controlling The Market?”

Wall Street Is Wrong! – Earnings Reports

The last 2 weeks major companies have reported their quarterly earnings reports. These include Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla, Google, Qualcomm, Visa, and so many more. For those who dont know, every quarter a company must report their income, balance sheet, growth, etc. Top Wall Street analysts will set expectation numbers that these comapanies shouldContinue reading “Wall Street Is Wrong! – Earnings Reports”

This Stock Is Poised for Gains

As investers we need ways to profit off of any opportunity that we see. Usually, people profit from real estate by buying and selling homes. But there are ways to do it in the stock market. What if we look at real estate related stocks, materials needed to build homes like lumber, roofing, paint, etc.Continue reading “This Stock Is Poised for Gains”

1 Way To Become A Millionaire

It’s called a Roth IRA. A different kind of investment vehicle you need to know about. You can open one on almost all brookerage platforms. One of the very few things I enjoyed learning about in high school was my economics teacher teaching me about one way he has become a millionaire. Through his RothContinue reading “1 Way To Become A Millionaire”

Is The Stock Market Too High Right Now?

Indicies closed yesterday at new all time highs. The S&P 500 is at $4170 and the DOW is at $34,070. Whenever new highs happen the major question arrises, “Will there be a correction?” No one is capable of knowing the answer, and no one ever will be. However, recent numbers and facts point to aContinue reading “Is The Stock Market Too High Right Now?”

I’m Buying This Stock!!

You have definetly heard of this one before, perhaps even bought their products. The Company is Lululemon ($LULU). A household name over the last few years, no questions asked. Lululemon also called Lulu, is mainly an athletic/gym clothing line, with other stylesand products included. Their main objective is to sell the highest quality materials &Continue reading “I’m Buying This Stock!!”

Compound Interest, The 8th Wonder of The World

I get it, you probably don’t have a ton of money to invest with right now. Chances are you don’t have a full time job, probably just a summer job. Interestingly enough, I’m in the same circumstance as you. But what I do have that you don’t, is the understanding of compound interest in theContinue reading “Compound Interest, The 8th Wonder of The World”