The Labor Market is in a Wreck; Who is to Blame?

Despite a large reopening after the pandemic scares, the labor market has lagged heavily. If you’ve been going to stores and restaurants, you have seen a lot of help wanted signs. This seems like an easy problem to fix —- raise wages. On the surface, this is the answer, but when you dig deep, itsContinue reading “The Labor Market is in a Wreck; Who is to Blame?”

3 Growing Industries and ETFs to Match

Buying ETFs (exchange traded fund) as opposed to regular stocks can help investors manage risk. An ETF tracks an index, sector, commodity, or another form of asset and can be bought and sold on any traditional platform. Buying an ETF for an industry rater than one stock in the industry is much safer. If thatContinue reading “3 Growing Industries and ETFs to Match”

What is a Stock Split and How to Capitalize From It

A stock split is one of the best ideas to ever enter the stock market. Without stock splits, buying one share of Apple ($AAPL) would cost you about $27,957.44, according to Business Insider. Instead, one share of Apple costs $133.38, a price people are much more willing to spend. Some people view splits as aContinue reading “What is a Stock Split and How to Capitalize From It”

1 Method to Outpace the Market: The Barbell Approach

Investing in the market over a long period of time has proven to do well. However, if you can beat the market for a long period of time the returns can be incredible. Beating the market doesn’t always mean being in the green. Sometimes you might be in the red, but if you are lessContinue reading “1 Method to Outpace the Market: The Barbell Approach”

Chainlink is a Crypto at a BIG Discount

The crypto market has been somewhat stagnant since the crash in May. Since this crash, Bitcoin ($BTC) is still down 16%, but it has recently gotten over $40,000. Check out TJ’s latest post where he takes a deep dive into the whole crypto market. For a better understanding of Chainlink, watch the quick, 3 minuteContinue reading “Chainlink is a Crypto at a BIG Discount”

House Flipping Can Be Very Profitable, Here’s What You Need To Know

The common story line you hear from young investors is they want to make it big in the stock market, then use that money to flip houses. I am in no way saying this is a bad plan, it is actually a good string of goals for a young person. What I will say isContinue reading “House Flipping Can Be Very Profitable, Here’s What You Need To Know”

Cruise Line Stocks Are One of the Last to Recover

When the March 2020 crash happened, many investors preached about a “V-Shaped Recovery”. When we were at the bottom, I thought they were just trying to sell the public a pipe dream. For how ugly the market had looked for about two weeks, I was sold there would be another leg down, especially with noContinue reading “Cruise Line Stocks Are One of the Last to Recover”

Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger: A Century of Investing

Over the past few days, I have read articles and listened to videos on two of the greatest investors America has ever known. Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger stand at the ages of 90 and 97 respectively. Despite staring the century mark in the eye they are still Co-Chairmen of Berkshire Hathaway ($BRK.A). This isContinue reading “Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger: A Century of Investing”

Is Paper Trading Beneficial Before Actual Trading?

Paper trading is a popular tactic among people looking to start trading. The term paper trading is used to describe trading fake money, often from demo accounts. These accounts allow people to perform all types of trades or buying and selling just like in real accounts. In this article I will discuss pros and consContinue reading “Is Paper Trading Beneficial Before Actual Trading?”