The Blockbuster Move Hollywood Needs

Before the market even opened this morning, the big time mover Amazon was already creating rumblings. Rumors are circulating that the online powerhouse is looking to buy out AMC Theaters. While the corona virus has shut down almost every business in some capacity, the movie theater industry is one of the industries that look likeContinue reading “The Blockbuster Move Hollywood Needs”

Warren Buffet Sends the Airline Industry into a Tailspin!

Everyone knows the man, Warren Buffet, as one of arguably the greatest investors of all time. Over this past weekend he announced that he pulled all his money out of any stocks that had something to do with the airline industry such as Boeing (BA), United Airlines (UAL), Delta Airlines (DAL), among others. Upon theContinue reading “Warren Buffet Sends the Airline Industry into a Tailspin!”