2 Stocks Gaining Value, and Not Stopping Anytime Soon

covid 19 vaccine pfizer moderna

In the choppiness of the past month in the market, two stocks have had record months. While the market has been trending upwards as it closes out the summer, everyday hasn’t been pretty. We remember a few Mondays ago when the Dow lost 725 points. Only to manage to end the week higher. Throughout all this though, one thing has been consistent: vaccinations. As of August 3rd, 189.0 million people have received at least one shot of the Covid-19 vaccine in the U.S. With a little more than half of the country on the road to full vaccination, Pfizer ($PFE) and Moderna ($MRNA) are two hot stocks gaining.

Pfizer’s Success

Pfizer is currently up 21.2% in the past month, crushing an all-time high set way back in 1999. With slowly becoming the more trusted solution out of all the vaccines, Pfizer has seen revenues and good publicity skyrocket. Revenue is up a whopping 60% over the past year and operating income compares with a 52% rise. To top it off, last week they had a great earnings estimate beat of 9.42%.

pfizer stock pfe

Moderna’s Success

The luxury price of Moderna might make it less appealing to average person, but the percentage changes must catch eyes. Moderna is up 90.84% this month, an almost astronomical increase. So much so, some analysts believe the increase is fundamentally unjustifiable. This may be true, but numbers do not lie. Revenues are up on the year 6,462%!!! For how catastrophic this pandemic has been to our world, some companies and people have cashed out.

moderna stock mrna

Why Success Will Continue

As of today, no vaccine has full FDA approval. It is theorized that once there is a full FDA approval, much more people will be willing to get vaccinated. Reportedly, Pfizer will be fully approved by mid-September, and Moderna would not be far behind. Makes sense why these are two stocks gaining momentum right now.

Additional news is the mandatory tags being put on the vaccines as well. A number of universities have made it mandatory for students to return to campus, and everyday more and more service places make it mandatory. This will only equal to more industries ordering vaccines, sending revenues through the roof, again.


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