Tesla Callout Update

Last week March 5th we informed you about Tesla ($TSLA) being very oversold, creating a perfect buying opportunity. Today Tesla SPIKED NEARLY 20%!! Hopefully, you bought the dip like we have been saying and turned a nice profit for either a trade, or established a great price for your long term portfolios. This goes to show that patience in the market, and waiting for great deals on stocks pays off immensely. The key in the markets is PATIENCE. There is always a sale on any stock, you as an investor/trader need to make sure you have cash on hand to catch the great deal when the opportunity presents itself. Never buy a stock at its peak, or near it. Buying low and selling high is something you have probably heard a million times. I am not here to tell you the same thing. I am here to show you that it works, with this Tesla callout.

-TJ Brescia


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