Fire Sale

Every dip or correction in a market provides the absolute BEST buying opportunities. We are seeing one right now in the stock market. But this one is a little different… The stocks with the largest dips are the ones who have posed the biggest gains over the last 6-10 months. The three that are catching my eye are Spotify, Nvidia, and Tesla

Spotify ($SPOT) – Down 25% of its highs since February 16th.
Tesla ($TSLA) – Down 30% of its highs since January 26th.
Nvidia ($NVDA) – Down 20% of its highs since February 16th.

The reason I like these companies is for many reasons, but mainly one. They all make revolutionary advances for their company. Spotify incorporating top podcasts like “The Joe Rogan Experience” and other music that their competition Apple is not providing. Tesla continuing to transform the automotive world while still making their cars affordable. All other electric car companies either A, are far too overpriced for the average consumer. Or B, do not live up to the quality Tesla provides. Lastly, Nvidia is making such a name for themselves in the rising Esports world with their microchip technology for PC’s. Their production of microchips for phones, tablets and computers and even cars now!! I think their biggest breakthrough could be their AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. It is still new, but has so much potential.

All three of these companies are riskier investments as they are more volatile than most other stocks. But, if you are young or just have some extra cash in your portfolio, these three stocks have major upside and have proven to be revolutionary companies. I personally will be adding Nvidia and Tesla to my portfolio since they are on sale.

-TJ Brescia

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