Volatility Switch

Today we saw our first down day in June. But even so, it never felt like a down day. Pre-market trading did most of the work in regards to choosing whether the day would be green or not. The open trading hours actually made an uptrend pattern amazingly enough. These types of days have been happening all to often recently. It is clear to see that the market moves significantly more during pre-market, and believe it or not during the last hour of open trading. There is much more volume and volatility towards the end of the day when compared to the open. With this in mind making swing trades during the last hour of trading could be a better option. As you could catch an end of the day pump or dump to give yourself the best price to play. Meanwhile, Jerome Powell is expected to speak tomorrow (6/10). It is likely he will speak about interest rates so expect the bank stocks to react off this news. Also, it is unlikely he will give off a bearish sentiment as the market would’ve priced it in, and the FED wants the economy to keep recovering as it is.

-TJ Brescia


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