So Far Green

The week so far has been very green, we have seen just about everything be positive so far. To start the week we had Jerome Powell give his positive 2 cents for the coming weeks, and positive news about Moderna’s ($MRNA) efforts for a vaccine. Even though news released mid-day Tuesday saying Moderna’s vaccine statistics were in fact not as hopeful as they seem. That is why there was a sell off late Tuesday. Despite this the market still responded with a green day the next trading session, which was today. What we can learn from this is just how much news can shift the market in these times, and the news may not always go as you think. With that being said, if you find yourself trading options, buying contracts with more time can save you when the market takes an unexpected swing. Stocks we recommend to keep an eye on right now are Microsoft, Apple, and the precious metals. Microsoft and Apple are both on the brink of returning to their all time highs before the crash. While gold & silver could be on the brink of a breakout. Gold futures are inching towards that $1800 an ounce mark, a key level that could give more long term confirmation.

-TJ Brescia


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